Nahnee Bori

Nahnee Bori is the latest addition to the yk records family but far from an unfamilar voice. Previously, he's spent his time as one-half of the core of Kindercastle as well as creating and performing alongside Uncle Skeleton.

Originally, Cody Uhler used the Nahnee Bori moniker to explore minimalist, ambient, nature inspired compositions on his album Lotic Prattle. Never feeling fully compelled to stick with one strict musical undertaking he decided to undertake a new challenge with his second full-length LP Place... to fuse the lessons learned from longform ambient creations with proper traditional pop structures.

The resulting LP, Place, and preview single "Iditarod" manage to find the perfect balance between these divergent worlds. RIYL: Brian Eno, Mouse on Mars, Electric Light Orchestra, Jim O'Rourke or Shugo Tokumaru