The story of Codaphonic's latest release is a great lesson in flexibility. After writing and recording a handful of songs, there was a pretty substantial lapse in time. By the time they got back together to work on the next batch of songs, they found themselves in a different studio with a different producer and a fairly different sound. When both batches of songs were polished up and ready to go, there was a full album’s worth of songs, but it still sounded like two decidedly different projects. The question became “How do we merge them together?”

After a bit of contemplation it became clear, don't force the two to exist as one… embrace the differences! This led to the decision to release a “Double EP” on one vinyl record. Each side of the record is its own EP with its own identity and artwork. The result is the new “Oh Radio / Mindwrecker” Double EP.

The Oh Radio!/Mindwrecker Double EP contains all of the melodic hooks, heartfelt lyrics, and head bobbing pop that have defined the band since 2005, but with a greater sense of urgency this time around. From the first notes of “Oh Radio!”, it’s clear that the band is leaning more towards the rock side of it’s pop/rock identity. The Mindwrecker EP finds the band working with long time producer/collaborator David Axelrod, who has clearly perfected his interpretation of the band. The Oh Radio! EP is helmed by producer Patrick Damphier, who takes the band in a slightly different direction that reveals the band’s more garage-y (and sometimes even psychedelic) side. Cody Newman (guitar), Taylor Jones (bass), Justin Harris (drums), and DJ Phillips (guitar) are clearly having a great time playing together and it comes across in the energy felt on both EPs. It’s this joy of creation that binds the two sides together and makes “Oh Radio / Mindwrecker” so worthwhile.