DM Stith

DM Stith is a Brooklyn based singer, composer, and visual artist. His prior releases, 2016’s Pigeonheart and 2009’s Heavy Ghost, explored memory and introspection, through a unique combination of acoustic arrangements augmented by electronic beats and flourishes, all of which was carried by a dense layering of haunting and emotive vocals.

In late 2018, DM Stith built out his home studio and mined the depths of his songs that had developed between album projects over the years. Parsing through this catalog of work revealed cast-off album directions, choral fantasies, covers, weirdo pop jams and collaborations simply waiting for new life to be pressed back into them.

Neither album cut nor b-side, these expressions tell both the story of the past and of the future. Recordings from a time gone by that may require nothing more than a light touch to dredge them from the depths or, in some cases, a complete re-envisioning of what the original formation contained. These tracks gleam with a little extra sweetness, as they exist between worlds.



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