Forget Cassettes

This is not a proper bio for Forget Cassettes. If you've just recently stumbled upon the band and are looking for some history, here's the gist: front woman Beth Cameron has been making music since she was a teenager in the late 90s. Forget Cassettes was not the first band she was in but the first to make it out of the starting gate. She released three albums, each one quite different from one another musically but all bound together with Cameron's honest songwriting and penchant for an explosive arrangement. Eventually, Forget Cassettes dissolved and Cameron's efforts are currently focused on the band Black Bra, a band with a similar sound but none of the baggage of the previous name.

Beth and I happened to attend the same high school and were even friends with one another during that time. I've had the pleasure of seeing her play at a high school talent show, the very first Forget Cassettes show at Indienet and in front of packed rooms singing along to every song. When Forget Cassettes started, myself and one of Beth's previous bandmates helped put together band photos, press kits and t-shirts.

Over the course of twenty-five years, I've tried to continue to provide that support. I was certainly not the only one. It's always been a pleasure to be involved with Forget Cassettes because she's a sheer talent. I look forward to many more years supporting Black Bra or whatever project comes my way.