New Man

Cody Newman has been making pop music under the moniker Codaphonic since 2005. After his last release, a double EP for Mindwrecker and Oh Radio!, he found himself wanting a fresh start. Working with producer Patrick Damphier he found himself revived by layering all sorts of miscellaneous instrumentation and stacking vocals as far as he could go. Like one of his idols Brian Wilson, there was no element too odd to include if it pushed the song to its most enjoyable state.

Donning a new psuedonym, NEW MAN, the debut album New Man Sings is an exercise in embracing all of the ideas and executing them to their pop perfection. From the opening choral exercise of 'E.P.' to the slide whistle of 'Maybe I'm Feeling Fine' to the skiddish keyboards of 'Feel Like Hiding Out', no stone was left unturned to enhance the listening experience on further listens.

New Man Sings will be released on September 15th, 2018 on limited edition vinyl with packaging by J.E. Williams.