Roy Ira

Originally a string-band, Roy Ira has fleshed out a much larger sound by adding piano, lap steel, fiddle and drums to now encompass a wide range of musical styles, from old-time country to gospel to ragtime to rock, all of which can be heard on Still Be My Love.

Roy Ira is the creation of songwriter Keith Parish, who developed an interest in traditional country while a music composition student at Florida State University. Won over by the mixture of comedy, sadness, and simplicity that is the hallmark of many great country tunes, he took those inspirations and combined them with his influences in the fields of indie rock and church music to form a band that creates it’s own unique blend of Americana. Lyrically, the songs are plain spoken and straightforward but speak at depth about love, religion, and death, while frequently using satire, humor, and Biblical references.

Recorded at Battle Tapes by Jeremy Ferguson (Pujol, Tristen, Forget Cassettes) and mastered by John Baldwin (Louvin Brothers, Emmylou Harris).