Sleep Good

Bohemian Grove is a secret encampment in Northern California frequented by politicians and global decision makers that gather once a year to participate in old world rituals and general high jinks (seriously). Aside from serving as confirmation that our government leaders are just a high functioning Fraternity it’s also a reminder that unseen forces often guide and direct our lives; for better or worse.

Will Patterson, aka SLEEP GOOD, is no stranger to the influence of the unknown. He became a member of the Capitol Records roster when he joined SOUND TEAM at the age of 16. He toured. He attended University of Texas for film studies. He worked under visionary director Terrence Malick as sound designer and composer for multiple films (The Knight of Cups, Song to Song, Voyage of Time). He opened his own studio. He’s making an experimental surf movie. All of this with the hidden hand of benevolence at his back the whole time.

Bohemian Grove is influenced by the likes of 60's hippie records, outlaw country, and old video game soundtracks, resulting in an LP that draws from both the spacey explorations and poppier inclinations of earlier records. Thematically, it pays homage to the universal whims that guide us through lost loves, the feeling of being listlessly lost and the journey back to happiness. A reminder that, unlike the infamous Californian orchard, sometimes the man behind the curtain has your best interest at heart.