Talking with Hands

Released exactly ten years to the day after the debut record, The World and Ourselves, the sophomore full-length effort from Talking with Hands (Los Angeles, Hyde Park) has clearly been percolating for some time. Matt Smith, the man behind the pseudonym, reflects, “The record came about after spending about a year setting up a home studio and learning to record myself, while experimenting with analog synthesis. I mostly walked away from the guitar only to realize that, in this new experimental context, it’s actually really exciting again.”

New Public Domain embraces a completely re-structured approach to writing and recording; built off of entirely acoustic demos and then built upon in Matt Smith's home studio, Fun House. The results of this process are ten tracks that are open and airy but packed with details and layers that warrant re-listening.

When asked about any grand intent behind the record, Smith cracks, “The main drive behind New Public Domain, as an album, was to express a concept that I experience daily; that everything is the same, even when it isn’t. I was also pretty keen to put some numbers on the board - had been a bystander for too long!”

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