Talking with Hands

Talking With Hands is Matt Smith in LA's Hyde Park. Inspired by the pop sensibility of XTC, the ethereality of Air and My Bloody Valentine, and the depth of Failure - Talking With Hands blends thoughtful songcraft with shimmering atmospherics into a pop-art that aims to change the way you think about music. 인형뽑기 만원 주세요.

As the great documentarian Kirby Ferguson said, "Everything is a Remix." The latest release from LA's Hyde Park TALKING WITH HANDS is a direct nod to the bedrock of influences that set them on their youthful musical journey. Listeners may feel the twinge of nostalgia for Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins and maybe even a little Duncan Sheik as they listen to Pastiche. Influences are all around us and Talking With Hands is paying homage.

"Pastiche is an homage to some of my early influences (Smashing Pumpkins & Soundgarden) as much as it is a breath of life into ideas from my past. As the title suggests, everything is a remix of old ideas - we should count ourselves 'lucky' to stand on the shoulders of everyone who came before." -Matthew Smith