Telefone is Mac Burrus and brothers Justin & Brandon Tapp. Their self-titled, debut, album is set for release in Spring 2023 via yk Records. Telefone was recorded and self-produced in Los Angeles and Austin, and mixed by GRAMMY nominated Robbie Lackritz (Feist, Bahamas) and Producer, Justin Tapp.

The trio met in Los Angeles as mutual fans of each others’ bands: Burrus in the band sElf and the Tapp brothers in The Other Half. When Burrus filled in on bass duty for a run of The Other Half tour dates, it was instantly clear these three were destined to form a band, but as they say: life had other plans.

Justin & Brandon moved back to their home state of Texas, specifically Austin, while Mac remained in Los Angeles. Despite each member living in their respective music cities with no shortage of bands to join, none found their musical soulmates. What could have been a life-long unrequited creative love was salvaged in 2013 when a business trip brought Justin to Los Angeles and he reconnected with Mac.

Separated by thousands of miles and the forced isolation of the pandemic, the band were adamant that Telefone be entirely collaborative and as such took several years to complete.

Inspired by the melodic prowess of 60s musicians, the production of Jon Brion, the harmonies of bands with multiple singers, and of course each other, Telefone manifests as both a nod to the classics and a full embrace of modernity. Thematically the album is a reflection of lives lived: answers that come from years of questioning, the agony that comes with the wisdom of age, the isolation that comes from the distance of youth and heartbreak as they view a world they no longer recognize.

Ten songs, 37 minutes, you might learn something. You’ll definitely feel something.



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