The Features

The Features present the 15-year anniversary of Some Kind of Salvation, their 2008 sophomore full-length. This reissue includes five total bonus tracks - three freshly unearthed from the original recording sessions - and a brand new album remaster from John Baldwin at Infrasonic Sound.

Some Kind of Salvation had a long journey of releases when it was originally unleashed. Starting in 2008, it was self-released as a 2xLP with screen printed artwork, later repressed in 2009 for Loose Tooth on red vinyl and then, eventually, picked up by 429 Records who widely distributed it.

During 2007, the band was asked by Kings of Leon to open a handful of dates. This opened the door for additional touring opportunities with The Whigs, Manchester Orchestra and larger festivals (not to mention even more dates with KoL!). These larger audiences would instantly appreciate the singalong chorus of “Lions”, the explosive vocal outburst of “GMF” and the danceable b-side, “Mosis Tosis.”

All of the album tracks were captured during a hive mind recording process between producers Jacquire King (Modest Mouse, Tom Waits, Kings of Leon), longtime collaborator Brian Carter and The Features themselves - all at the band’s surrogate second home, Paradox Productions in Murfreesboro, TN.

Some Kind of Salvation was free of the pressures that came with Exhibit A and captures an era of the band that delivered infectiously catchy hooks, poignant reflections in the lyrics and powerful performances from start to finish.

Fifteen years from its original release, these songs are still as infectious and enjoyable as ever. Repackaged in a proper gatefold jacket with renovated art and all of the known bonus material; this is a fitting tribute to an already classic record.

  • The Features (Modern)
  • The Features (Some Kind of Salvation, photo by Tom Burns)
  • The Features (Some Kind of Salvation, photo by Tom Burns)
  • The Features (1999)
  • The Features (1999)