Uncle Skeleton

All Too Human

May 1st, 2012

The third full-length from Uncle Skeleton conceptualized as four distinct musical movements across a double LP. At a running time of 68 minutes, it moves between electronic pop, bossa nova, experimental and ambient styles flawlessly and utterly enjoyably.

  • A 01 Sophisticuffs
  • A 02 Tomart's Haunted Heart
  • A 03 Exploration
  • A 04 The Well-Tempered Albi
  • A 05 Those Days
  • B 06 Day on Parade
  • B 07 Dot
  • B 08 Berlin to Frankreich
  • B 09 Montmartre 15-40
  • B 10 Creature Set
  • B 11 Sweethearts
  • B 12 Playing House
  • B 13 Lakeshore
  • C 14 Flax
  • C 15 1four1
  • C 16 Ludlow Maymate
  • C 17 Guige
  • C 18 Basket
  • C 19 Beeshie
  • C 20 From the Inside
  • C 21 Banking on It
  • D 22 Retrofuture
  • D 23 Autumn Leaves
  • D 24 Place Pigalie
  • D 25 Prehistoria
  • D 26 101020
An album in four movements. Listen accordingly.

Produced, Composed and Arranged by Uncle Skeleton
Mixed by Ross Wariner and Derek Garten
Mastered by John Baldwin at johnbaldwinmastering.com
Artwork and Packaging by Michael Eades

Printed at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, OH.

Thanks to:
Sam Farkas, Brady Surface, Mikie Martel, Carl Gatti, Guy Lemon, Kiel Tyler, Sara Dudley, Eleonore Denig, Hannah Schroeder, Larissa Maestro, Katie Studley, Zack Casebolt, Austin Hoke, Jeff Gibbs, Jim Hoke, Ashley Campbell, Lisa Kranich, Lavaar, Amy Victoria Thompson, and Albi.

A special thank you to Cody Uhler, for being the intentional and unintentional voice of this record.

Krudler, That’s a good looking suit! Wherever you are, that’s where I’ll be.

This record is dedicated to Mr. Steve Wariner. Without your inspiration, support, wonderful genes and killer basslines, these records would have never existed. “And so begins another day…”


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