Makeup and Vanity Set

Brigador — Volume I

June 2nd, 2016

Makeup and Vanity Set provides the perfect apocalyptic backdrop with his original score for Stellar Jockey's independent videogame of the same name, Brigador.

  • 01 Solo Nobre Must Fall (Theme from Brigador)
  • 02 There Is No Law Here
  • 03 No Way Out
  • 04 March
  • 05 A New Age
  • 06 Rise
  • 07 Great Leader Has Fallen
  • 08 It's Our Rules Now
  • 09 Stealth
  • 10 Fatal Flaw
  • 11 Nexus
  • 12 Continue
Original game soundtrack written and produced
by Makeup and Vanity Set

Mastering by John Baldwin

3D Graphics by Gausswerks
2D Graphics and typography by Version Industries

Thank You
The Brothers Monahan + Stellar Jockeys, Dale Kim, Harry Hsiao, Caspar Newbolt, The Protomen, Andy Walker, Christian Williams, Joey Ciccoline, John Brassil, Michael Eades, Steve Jenkins, Don Thacker, John Carpenter, Brad Fiedel, Lisa, Davis Cox, Dave Smith Instruments, Oberheim, Moog, Elektron, Meris.

©2016 Makeup and Vanity Set
All Rights Reserved


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