Cliff House Kids

May 1st, 2020

Preview EP of the forthcoming Meadownoise full-length, Threeve. Whet your appetite with two album tracks, a B-side and a remix.

Released in conjuction with Pets Musical Park.

  • 01 Cliff House Kids
  • 02 Patient
  • 03 Lyk Wool
  • 04 Klippenhaus Kinder (Coupler Remix)
Music by Matt Glassmeyer
“Cliff House Kids” is produced by Adam Bednarik

"Klippenhaus Kinder" Remixed by Coupler
Michael Hilger - Yamaha CS-50, Roland Juno-60, treatments
Ryan Norris - mix, editing

released via YK Records and Pets Musical Park
PMP-007 - instagram.com/petsrecs


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