Uncle Skeleton

Cocoa Beach

August 9th, 2016

The fifth full-length album from Uncle Skeleton, a fully realized beachy instrumental dream featuring appearances by Nahnee Bori and Wayne Kee.

  • 01 Jeux
  • 02 Rubicon
  • 03 Handy Looky
  • 04 Sasask
  • 05 Now and Then
  • 06 Perfect Hideaway
  • 07 A&O
  • 08 Cocoa Nibs
  • 09 Pet Island III
  • 10 Clouds Carried
  • 11 Last Leaf
"Rubicon" features Nahnee Bori
"Handy Looky" features Wayne Kee

Produced and composed by Uncle Skeleton
Strings arranged by Uncle Skeleton
Mixed by Derek Garten, Ross Wariner, and Wesley Slover
Mastered by John Baldwin
Saskia photo by Dave Gorum
Artwork & Packaging by Michael Eades

©2016 Upright T-Rex Music
Thanks to Cody Uhler, Sam Farkas, Brady Surface, Mikie Martel, Carl Gatti, Guy Lemon, Kiel Tyler, Sara Dudley, Eleonore Denig, Hannah Schroeder, Larissa Maestro, Katie Studley, Zack Casebolt, Austin Hoke, Lauren Conklin, Anthony Jorissen, Jeff Gibbs, Jim Hoke, Steve Wariner, Ashley Campbell, Lavaar, Nahnee Bori, Saskia Wariner, and Albi.


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