Cody Uhler

Darbo's Island

June 11th, 2021

The soundtrack to your favorite videogame that never existed. Building off the restrictions of real SNES music, Darbo's Island is instantly nostalgic and marvelously modern.

  • 01. Kimble and Pip
  • 02. Purple Barreling
  • 03. Space Antler Express
  • 04. Upbeat About Ghosts
  • 05. Night World Hopper
  • 06. Tippy Toes
  • 07. Bitter Coo
  • 08. Fairy Tech
  • 09. Bobbin'

©2021 Upright T-Rex Music
Written and Produced by Cody Uhler
Electric Guitar on “Night World Hopper” by Ross Wariner
Mixed by Ross Wariner and Cody Uhler
Mastered by Calyx Mastering
Art by Cody Uhler, Brandon Wall, Jaclyn McKay


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