May 7th, 2013

After half the band pursued other endeavors, Dan Sommers and Jonathan Rogers continued onward to create their finest work. Ten songs and thirty-four minutes of highly energetic, densely packed, ambitious rock songs.

  • 01 Ohio Will
  • 02 Answer Your Telephone
  • 03 Caroline
  • 04 Magic is Everywhere
  • 05 Only the Young
  • 06 Accidentals
  • 07 The Bear & The Astronaut
  • 08 Anna Come Down
  • 09 For Cowboy
  • 10 I Don't Wanna Die
Hotpipes are Jonathan Rogers & Dan Sommers.

Recorded & mixed by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes.
Produced by Jeremy & Hotpipes.
Mastered by John Baldwin, Nashville, TN.

Programming, sequencing, additional keys, & noises by Jeremy. Guitar on 4 & 6 by David Mengerink. Additional keyboard on 4 & bass on 6 by Justin Hall. Violin by Katie Studley. Cello by Larissa Maestro. String arrangement by Larissa & Dan. Group vocals by Dave Paulson, Larry Vaughn, & Janie Taylor. Additional programming & sequencing on 5 & 7 by D. Schroader. Additional whistles on 1 by Josh Stafford.

Art & layout by Dan, Boo Bear Studio.
Best lady by Candice Burnside Ferguson.
Deus ex machina by Michael Eades.

Thank you.


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