The Medium

Fade Away / Sugar Shark

March 13th, 2020

Enjoy the first two songs The Medium wrote and played together as a band, culled from the archives and re-recorded right for the first time.

  • 01 Fade Away
  • 02 Sugar Shark
Sam Silva - acoustic guitar
Micheal Brudi - wurlitzer
Jake Davis - synthesizer
Jared - Drums, Percussion
Shane Perry - vocals

Sam Silva - Bass, vocals
Micheal Brudi - Guitar, vocals
Shane Perry - Guitar, vocals
Jared Hicks - Drums

Recorded by Jake Davis
Mixed by Hank Sullivant
Mastered by Mikey Young
Artwork by Eliza Weber

"Pls Enjoy the first two songs we wrote and played together as a band. FADE AWAY has found its final form! This song has gone thru 2 bands and 4 different releases and we think we’ve recorded/birthed a version we finally enjoy listening too. Our studio skills have grown over 4 years and we wanted to make sure we got this song just right. SUGAR SHARK was written in Sam's basement with the cave crickets many years ago. This song marks the inception of our band and the beginning of us all writing together criss cross applesauce. Hopefully y’all will feel the excitement on this track as we felt playing it over and over when we first wrote it. Two different vibes but same era medium. They didn’t really fit on our last album, so We decided them befitting for each other as singles to be released later. TWINS!"


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