Uncle Skeleton

Golden Hour

December 2nd, 2021

The sixth full-length album from Uncle Skeleton featuring collaborations from Cory Wong, Glüme, Ellery Bonham and many more. Designed to feel like a single sequence, "one that you sit and enjoy much like the sun fading into night."

  • 01 Blue and Gold
  • 02 Brainey Taim (ft. Cody Uhler & Helen Hong)
  • 03 Double Dip (ft. Cory Wong)
  • 04 The Big Simmer
  • 05 Ralf and Co
  • 06 C10
  • 07 LN (ft. Glüme)
  • 08 Porcelain (ft. Ellery Bonham)
  • 09 Lux Fass
  • 10 Heavy Damask (ft. Rylie DeGarmo)
  • 11 Red Mark Drake
  • 12 Deveraux (ft. Cody Uhler)
  • 13 Red Cloud (ft. Rylie DeGarmo)
  • 14 Twin Palms
  • 15 Daxx Dunn Ada Askew
  • 16 LetLet

featuring Carl Gatti, Mikie Martel, Eleonore Denig, Larissa Maestro, Sam Farkas, Austin Hoke, Ryan Latham, Paul Rippee, Rollum Haas, James Bonomo, Ryan Wariner, Steve Wariner, Devon Yesberger, Donnie Marple, Laura Gatti, Dylan Stansberry, Cody Uhler, Free, Allyn Love, Jim Hoke, Nicholas Pappone, Time Leonard, Maxfield Parish, Adam Von Housen, Sara Dudley

Composed, Produced, Arranged, and Mixed by Ross Wariner

Strings Recorded by Robbie Aceto
Mix Consultants - Alexis Berthelot, Derek Garten
Art by Jason Severs

Mastered By Calyx Mastering


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