And The Relatives

Green Machinery

Nov 23rd, 2010

The full-length debut from East Nashville's favorite trio. After months of slaving in the studio the band emerges from their previously released EP's for a lusher, more compelling approach. Available in limited edition vinyl featuring photography from Matthias Heidrich.

  • 01 Hammer Down
  • 02 Siamese
  • 03 Wrong Tree
  • 04 Fourth Rate
  • 05 Not the Passion
  • 06 Regal Son
  • 07 Entertainment
  • 08 Happiness
  • 09 Sweet Goddess
Released in conjunction with Theory 8 Records

And the Relatives are Eli Beaird, Andrew Brassell and Patrick Rodgers
Arlo Hall plays keys
Tristen Gaspadarek and Jordan Caress sing on "Hammer Down" and "Siamese"
Caitlin Rose sings on "Fourth Rate"
Buddy Hughen plays acoustic guitar on "Not the Passion"
Dan Sommers plays trumpet and trombone on "Not the Passion"
Larissa Maestro plays cello on "Sweet Goddess"

Recorded at Eastwood Salon by Eli Beaird
Mixed at Beaird Music Group, Inc. by Eli Beaird
Mastered by John Baldwin, Jr. Esquire.
Album design by Michael Eades and Kyle Scudder
Additional packaging printing by Andy Vastagh at BOSS Construction
Photos by Matthias Heiderich

©2010 And the Relatives. All songs written by And the Relatives
Published by Sadie Lane, Plaid Is The New Black & Play a Train Song (BMI). All Rights Reserved.


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