Andrew Brassell

Izzy Gets the F*ck Across Town Original Score

Dec 6th, 2019

The original score to the Christian Papierniak 2017 film, Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town, starring Mackenzie Davis, Alex Russell and Meghan Lennox. Compositions, Score, Songwriting and Performances by Andrew Brassell.

  • 01 Kick It Off
  • 02 Pinkish Dream
  • 03 F*ck You (Izzy Theme)
  • 04 I Need My F*cking Car
  • 05 Dick Waxes Romantic
  • 06 Why's Your Guitar Still in the F*cking Box?
  • 07 Hungover and Rummaging
  • 08 Walt's Floating Wurly
  • 09 Studying the Black Arts
  • 10 A Moment in Time
  • 11 A Pleasant Waltz to Argue to
  • 12 Done Faking
  • 13 Tell Me Your Name
  • 14 After the Party with a Western Guitar
  • 15 Sad as F*ck Into a Flowery Flourish and Fall
  • 16 The Slow Onset of Buyer's Remorse
  • 17 Motivate Eviscerate (Bonus)
  • 18 Mumble Punk (Bonus)
  • 19 Roy Presley and the Rabbits Sing the Santa Song (Bonus)
  • 20 Warm and Crunchy Nostalgia (Bonus)
About Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town: Riot grrrl rocker and shameless hot mess Izzy wakes up hung over to find out that her ex-boyfriend is celebrating his engagement to her ex-best friend at a party across town. Enraged and desperate, Izzy embarks on a frenetic quest across Los Angeles to break up the party to fulfill what she believes to be her destiny - before it's too late.

Directed by Christian Papierniak

Starring Mackenzie Davis, Alex Russell, Meghan Lennox

Featuring Haley Joel Osment, LaKeith Stanfield, Dolly Wells, Alia Shawkat, Kyle Kinane, Annie Potts,

Music composed by Andrew Brassell


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