Tipper Whore

Just the Tip

May 26th, 2016

Continuing their time tested, audience approved combination of crass innuendo and a heavy dose of rock n' roll, Tipper Whore's full-length album does a proper job of reminding everyone one of the basic tenant of rock music; Have Fun.

  • 01 Mile High
  • 02 I Will See Your Lovely Faces in Hell
  • 03 Day Drunk
  • 04 Benjamin Braddock is a Motherfucker
  • 05 Tipper Whore Party Program
  • 06 Two Sticks
  • 07 Summer Sausage
  • 08 KWK
Ryan: Voice / Organ
Megan: Voice / Bass
Meredith: Voice / Floor Tom / Shovel / Tambourine / Maracas
Jason: Guitar
Kelly: Guitar
Nick: Drums

Recorded and mixed by Patrick Himes at Reel Love Recording Company
Mastered by John Baldwin
Artwork by Michael Eades


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