Let's Have An Adventure

March 26th, 2016

This trio of accomplished, cat-loving, musicians came together on a quest to write the most delightful pop songs they could muster with two simple rules: No Guitars and No Electronics. Let's Have an Adventure is the result of that mastery; throwing as much gleeful enjoyment into 3 minutes with a wide range of acoustic instruments.

"It's always wine night."

  • 01 Cary Grant
  • 02 Fishin'
  • 03 Kicking the Clock
  • 04 Give it a Go
  • 05 Tangle Tango
  • 06 Inch by Inch
  • 07 Parachute
  • 08 Black Cat
  • 09 Ladybird
  • 10 Pistol
  • 11 ¬°El Gatito!
Recorded and mixed by Andrija Tokic at the Bomb Shelter
Assisted by Billy Bennett
Mastered by John Baldwin

Cover Painting by Lauren Lowen
Photo by Danielle Holbert
Script Font by Ashley Cole
Design by Dan

Custom instruments built by Dr. Clifford Scherer, Ph.D.

Special thanks to Michael Eades, Professor Emeritus Steve Schwager, Paul & Lynne Denig, Cynthia Ann Sommers, Jane Maestro-Scherer, Noah Denney, Erin Anderson, Mark Petaccia, Katie Studley, Rachel Rogers, Keiffer Infantino, Bridget Stred, The Basement Nashville, Families, Friends, & Our Cats: Waffle, Boo-Meow-Ski & Walter Kroncat


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