The Robe

May Throwaway EP

May 24th, 2024

Four brand new songs from The Robe. Don't be fooled by that release title, these songs are (in fact) not throwaways, they're keepers! Hope you like your art pop dance-y!

  • 1. Passerby2:45
  • 2. Looting2:26
  • 3. Primitive Play2:03
  • 4. Lactic Rock1:23
Written, performed, produced, & mixed by Rollum Haas at The Robe’s studio

Rollum Haas: Korg KR-55, Oberheim DMX, Hofner 500/6 Bass, Mini Korg 700s, Siel OR 400, Fender Stratocaster, Vocals

Rollum Haas: Gretsch 6189 Streamliner, Fender Fretless Jazz Bass, Martin Acoustic Guitar, Gretsch & Ludwig Drums, Paiste Cymbals, Siel OR 400, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Melody Maker, Vocals

“Primitive Play”
Rollum Haas: Roland JX-3P, Roland Juno 6, Yamaha CS-15, Korg KR-55, Gibson Melody Maker, Vocals

“Lactic Rock”
Rollum Haas: Slingerland Drums/Zildjian Cymbals, Gibson Melody Maker, Fender Jazz Bass, MiniKorg 700s, Vocals

Mastered by Patrick Damphier
Artwork by Rollum Haas & Michael Eades
Published by Haastility Music (BMI)


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