No Stress

Nocturne Op.1 No.1

Aug 4th, 2023

Seven instrumental tracks that evoke nighttime interludes, meanderings and the unexpected turn of events. No Stress continues to bring together the unlikely influences of jazz, beats, glitch and sampling into a captivating soundtrack for the night out.

  • 01. Enough Talk!1:51
  • 02. Last Pie of the Night1:09
  • 03. We Good2:22
  • 04. The Penultimate Dream0:57
  • 05. The Run1:28
  • 06. We Are Stronger2:02
  • 07. Here We Go3:08
We Are Stronger: drums by Scott Martin, recorded at Jon Estes' studio.
Contains drum samples from GATES and Ben Lumsdaine


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