Jack Silverman

Now What

Mar 26th, 2021

A trio of noir soundscapes swirling with guitar, saxophone and a creeping foreboding feeling. Produced by Roger Moutenot with talents from John Radford, Kim Rueger and Josh Smith. Artwork is excerpts from Wendy Walker Silverman's fantastic creations.

  • 01. Mixed Signals
  • 02. Spotlight
  • 03. Cerulean
Written by Jack Silverman

Recorded by Roger Moutenot
Artwork: Detail from "Suspended Disbelief" by Wendy Walker Silverman

Jack Silverman: guitar, bass, baritone guitar
Roger Moutenot: drums
John Radford: percussion
Kim Rueger: piano and toy piano on “Cerulean”
Josh Smith: saxophone on “Searchlight”


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