number B

May 27th, 2011

Thirteen tracks of incredibly smart, catchy pop songs with just the right underlying sense of melancholy and something else.

  • 01 Beddie Bye
  • 02 Pale Noon
  • 03 Running the Gauntlet
  • 04 The Key
  • 05 Ruby Child
  • 06 Ferris Wheel
  • 07 Horse & Buggy
  • 08 Face of Danger Relay Race (Derby Dance)
  • 09 New Way of Life
  • 10 New World Awaits
  • 11 D's All Around
  • 12 Red Berry
  • 13 Goldfish
Produced by Ross Wariner and Cody Uhler
Mixed by Ross Wariner, Cody Uhler and Derek Garten
Mastered by John Baldwin

All songs written by Ross Wariner and Cody Uhler
“Face of Danger Relay Race (Derby Dance)” lyrics by Cody Uhler and Eric Koslosky

“Beddie Bye” strings arranged by Steve Wariner
“Ruby Child” and “Running the Gauntlet” strings arranged by Ross Wariner
“The Key” strings arranged by Cody Uhler

The Juice Box Gang
Eric “Ole Smokey Joe” Koslosky, Mikie Martel, Carl Gatti, Dougie Keebler, Kiel Tyler, Katie Studley, Hannah Schroeder & Sara Dudley

Paul Ripee, Ryan Wariner, Kristin Weber, Steve Wariner, David Angell, David Davidson, Kristin Wilkinson & Anthony F. La Marchina.

Artwork by S. Britt


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