Nahnee Bori


Nov 20th, 2012

The second full-length album from Nahnee Bori and his first long player with yk records. Place is a delightfully dense pop record filled with just the right mixture of catchy melodies, melancholy, humor and wonder.

  • 01 Only
  • 02 Oh Furry
  • 03 Pass the Salt
  • 04 Monkeyshines
  • 05 Won't Stop Our Picnic
  • 06 Pathetico
  • 07 Singing to the Night
  • 08 The Fiery Serf
  • 09 Iditarod
  • 10 Little Green Eyes
  • 11 Place
Written, Produced, and Performed by Cody Uhler
Mixed by Cody Uhler, Ross Wariner and Derek Garten
Mastered by John Baldwin, Nashville, TN. johnbaldwinmastering.com
Artwork and Packaging by Michael Eades

Additional players: Guy Lemon, Ross Wariner, and Kristin Weber

Thanks to the Wariner family

Vinyl pressed at Gotta Groove Records


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