No Stress

Prelude No. 1

Mar 2nd, 2021

The inaugural release from No Stress. Jazz influenced beats featuring Dara Tucker, Lagudos, Prof. Brittany Howard and a host of talented musicians.

  • 01. Please Welcome / We're Here
  • 02. Tell Me
  • 03. Let's Talk About It
  • 04. Freedomlove
  • 05. Trust Falls with My Enemies
  • 06. Jump Up a Mountain
  • 07. Wake Up
  • 08. We Sure This is a Dream
  • 09. Together
  • 10. Sunset on Saturn
Written and Recorded by No Stress

Drums: Derrek Phillips, Scott Martin, and Marcus Finnie
Bass: Dimmy Neubanks, Greg Bryant, “BabyPhat” Blevins
Guitar: Prof. Brittany Howard
Piano, Fender Rhodes, Samples, Production: Paul Horton
Additional Keys: Tem Bloher
Vocals: Dara Tucker and Lagudos
Strings: Tem Blöher String Ensemble
Lyrics on Wake Up by Dara Tucker
Lyrics on We Sure This Is A Dream? by Lagudos

Mixed by No Stress
Mastered by Jonathan Estes
Art by Jamie Breiwick


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