Andrew Brassell

Quick Potions

Nov 16th, 2009

Originally released under the moniker 'Slowmotions.' Sixteen songs inspired by dreamlike escapades. A wide range of genre influences and a compelling listen if there ever was one. Listen gapless at all times with headphones in tow.

  • 01 Cheese Whiz
  • 02 FB
  • 03 Dragger-Down
  • 04 Old v New
  • 05 Journey to the Sea
  • 06 Time
  • 07 Electric Man
  • 08 Orchestral
  • 09 New Deal
  • 10 Face Upon a Bird
  • 11 Fingers Flicker
  • 12 Birthing a Stone
  • 13 Cool Band Nightmare
  • 14 Celebration
  • 15 1000 Hurts
  • 16 Magnus Ogan

Use Headphones Liberally.

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Andrew Brassell is Slowmotions.


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