Uncle Skeleton


Sept. 15th, 2009

Digital only release re-envisioning the undertaking of Pancho Chumley from a number of like minded friends.

  • 01 Disquotek (Jensen Sportag Endless Reverb Mix)
  • 02 Diskoteq (DPAUL)
  • 03 Diskoteq (Pancho's Miami Disco Weekend Remix by Makeup and Vanity Set)
  • 04 Renfro (Tuggie D Warbux's 'Punch Her Gently' Remix)
  • 05 June Afterthoughts (Nahnee Bori's Soil Remix)
  • 06 Renfro (Wild Cub Remix)
  • 07 Safari (Justin Kase Remix)
  • 08 Diskoteq (Wild Cub Remix)
  • 09 Chumley Giles (Karius Vega Remix)
Digital exclusive EP to tide you over until the forthcoming follow-up to Pancho Chumley is complete.

Various friends and respected artists were asked to give their take on a handful of songs from the debut Uncle Skeleton album Pancho Chumley; this compilation is the fruits of that labor. Many thanks to everyone involved.

Original Tracks by Uncle Skeleton. Taken from Pancho Chumley.

Remixes provided by:
Jensen Sportag
Makeup and Vanity Set
Tuggie D Warbux
Nahnee Bori
Wild Cub
Justin Kase
Karius Vega

Artwork by: Michael Eades
Mastered by: John Baldwin


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