Dave Paulson

Sandusky, Ohio

June 22nd, 2018

Sandusky, Ohio is a rock album inspired by the 1995 comedy film “Tommy Boy,” starring Chris Farley and David Spade. And it's no joke.

  • 01 Sandusky
  • 02 Golden Child
  • 03 My Old Man
  • 04 Don't Let It Get You Down
  • 05 Interlude
  • 06 Sunrise
  • 07 Turning Around
  • 08 Here It Comes
  • 09 Feels Like Home
The album was written and performed by Dave Paulson, an indie-rock singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. Paulson — who previously fronted Nashville’s The Privates — was tired of writing songs about himself, so he started thinking about taking inspiration from a pre-existing story. But nothing too weighty. He wanted to choose something fun, personal, and completely out of left field.

Produced by Jordan Lehning and Dave Paulson

All songs by Dave Paulson

Drums, percussion and cover art: Sam Smith
String arrangement, cello and violin: Larissa Maestro
Violin and viola: Avery Bright

Mixed by Jordan Lehning
Mastered by John Baldwin

Special thanks to Michael Eades at YK Records
Love to all of my Pledgemusic backers

Extra special thanks to the elite Pledgemusic Junior Producers: John Huff, Carrie Thomas, E.G. Cameron, Matt Bell, Ashley Spurgeon, Dylan Allen, Alan Pendergrass, Alexis Paulson, Amy Kurland, Balz Biellmann, Scott Bartley, Mark Wukas, George Van Geem, Denis Deck, Rafael Cevallos, Remo Williams, Ken Paulson, Jonathan Rogers, Andrew Mischke and Josh Watson


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