Skyway Man

Seen Comin' From a Mighty Eye

Feb 24th, 2017
Seen Comin’ From a Mighty Eye is the follow-up to singer-songwriter-producer James Wallace’s More Strange News From Another Star. It’s a stew of B-movie sci-fi, cosmic boogie and psychedelic American music: an immersive, fully realized song cycle with a cinematic flair. Wallace has travelled a few skyways in his day. He brings this new batch of songs, intertwined by a fascination with UFO religion along for his debut outing as Skyway Man, a name he kept running across again and again. Was it the trickster of mythology, the soul of some long missing astronaut, or an old storyteller from another planet trying to get through? The answer is unclear, but the result is a nice slice of musical imagination.

Recorded between Nashville and his hometown of Richmond, VA, the album features the Spacebomb house rhythm section of Pinson Chanselle & Cameron Ralston, who also provided horn arrangements, and Matthew E. White in a slide guitar cameo appearance. Seen Comin’ From a Mighty Eye offers the kind of sounds you would want on the radio for a first or last kiss, the songs playing in the bar scene from some forgotten Spielberg adventure, a soundtrack for the later (not quite latter) days of earth. Music for driving along the skyway, thank god the skyway is made of music anyway.
  • 01 Someday
  • 02 The Seer
  • 03 We Both Have Nothing to Fear
  • 04 Terre, 9999
  • 05 Visions Pt. 1
  • 06 Opportunity / Visions Pt. 2
  • 07 The Dedication of Giant Rock
  • 08 Wires (Donny Angel and the Opening Wide)
  • 09 The Shadow Knows
  • 10 Plane
  • 11 Old City River
  • 11 Mighty Eye
Recorded at Spacebomb Studios in Richmond, VA.
Produced by James Wallace

Spacebomb team:
Pinson Chanselle: drums and percussion arrangements
Cameron Ralston: horn arrangements
Matthew E. White: lapsteel

Later brought to Wow and Flutter Studios in Nashville
with Joe Mcmahan (Luella and the Sun) mad scientist engineer/producer

Pinson Chanselle: Drums and percussion arrangements (Matthew E. White, Natalie Prass, Phil Cook)
Aaron Distler: Drums
Nate Matthews: Upright bass, background vocals
Ric Alessio: Electric Bass, background vocals (Fly Golden Eagle, Chrome Pony)
James Wallace: Vocals, piano, keyboards, acoustic guitar, electric guitars
Geoff Hilhorst: Organ (The Deep Dark Woods)
Joe McMahan: Electric guitar, bass, lap steel (Luella & the Sun)
Matthew E. White: Lap steel
Matt Glassmeyer: Buzzophone (HeCTA)
Jason Goforth: Omnichord, Lap Steel (Over the Rhine)
Aubrey Trinnaman: Spoken intro, background vocals (The Farallons)
Kyshona Armstrong: Background vocals
Laura Dison & Callie Bradley: Handclaps
Lauren Serpa: Flute
Aaron Williams: Tenor sax, clarinet
John Lilley: Tenor sax (Bio Ritmo)
David Hood: Trombone (No B.S. Brass Band)
Kai Welch: Trumpet (Abigail Washburn)
Caleb Hickman: Tenor sax (Night Beds, Diane Coffee)
Zach Casebolt: Strings (Ray Price)


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