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Sept 30th, 2016

Double LP compilation of the four previous released EP's, Birdcloud, One More Again, Effortless and Tetnis. It's a Best Of compilation featuring everything ever released from the raunchy country-duo, including two bonus songs.

  • A Springwater
  • A I Can't Stand Up (I'm Fine)
  • A Vodkasodaburg
  • A Damn Dumb
  • A Snail Trail
  • A Humbleberry Pie
  • A Where's My Damn Ol Underwear, Danny?
  • B Fuck You Cop
  • B Problemz
  • B No Worries
  • B Ice Balls
  • B Boy
  • B Livin' with My Granny
  • B Washin' My Big Ol' Pussy
  • C Did You Go Swimmin'?
  • C Peench Meh
  • C Party Randy!
  • C Bandit
  • C Jimmy
  • C I Like Black Guys
  • C Hairy Hand
  • D Ding Dong
  • D Indianer
  • D I'm From Here
  • D Here In Body
  • D Do What I Want
  • D Hello Commode
  • D Saving Myself for Jesus
We wanna thank each other and kiss each other's asses first. Then we'd like to thank Jordan, Eric, Kyle Lehning, Michael Eades, the cities of Murfreesboro and old Nashville, Grand Palace, Merch Cave, the staff at Springwater, the staff at Hotel Vegas, the staff at the Empty Bottle, Doritos, Natural Child, Andy Animal, Vanessa Carlton, RHCP, our ex boyfriends, Leslie Sisson, Peter Agoston, Reed Wolf, Johno, Ben Tipton, Josh and Nisi, Amber Kaset, Paige and Cecily, Dave Cloud, Big Daddy Skro, Andrija Tokic, Burger Records, Spice J, Johnny Lashley, Wickit the Instigator, Ryan Hamblin, Tim Duggan, Jen from Bandit Brand, Maya Angelou, Howell the lawyer, and everybody that loves and shares our music, THANK YOU, WE LOVE YALL. See y'all out on the fuckin' road. Love, Makenzie and Jasmin

Tracks 1 2 3 4 5 7 9 10 12 13 14 15 17 18 20 21 22 23 25 26 27
recorded by Jordan Lehning at The Compound/The Study
Tracks 6 8 11 16 19 24 recorded by Andrija Tokic at The Bomb Shelter

Mastered for vinyl by John Baldwin
Cover photo by Rachel Briggs.
Back cover by Cydney Jackson

All songs written and performed in their entirety by
Makenzie Green and Jasmin Kaset

Jasmin Kaset (begrudgingly:fuck ASCAP) / Makenzie Green (SESAC)


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