Andrew Brassell

Square Piggy, Round Holly

May 3rd, 2010

Released under 'Slowmotions' moniker. Digital Only. An album between albums comprised of b-sides, song ideas and various miscellaneous soundscapes not included on Quick Potions.

  • 01 No Tango
  • 02 Really Running
  • 03 Roto
  • 04 One Day I'm Gonna...
  • 05 Pick (Instrumental)
  • 06 Silver-Tongued
  • 07 Interlude #1
  • 08 Short Hand Geometry
  • 09 We Have an Island
  • 10 Jello Circus
  • 11 Wiseblood
  • 12 Possibility
  • 13 Lucky 7s
  • 14 3 A.M.
  • 15 Dirty Money
  • 16 Ghoulchase
  • 17 Microphonesies
A collection b-sides and extra oddities found lying around after 'Quick Potions' release. Not intended as a cohesive album but rather a comprehensive document of creation.

This collection reminds me of a concoction I once created with a friend which we named "boxcar hobo stew". I can provide no further explanation. Please send videos of you falling down and/or comments on insignificant things to slowmotionsme@gmail.com.

i'mma turn the fashion world upside down

thanks go out to: roderick dapper (drum lupe on Ghoulchase), mad girls, my fingers, bored/dumb, mr. meade, the king and queen, the california whistler, shag carpet, the musical sucker punch, confusion, gravity, math, Peep Show

Sadie Lane Publishing / BMI / 2010


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