sugar sk*-*lls

Star Time

Oct 6th, 2023

A bold, immersive, re-invention of sugar sk*-*lls. Operating now as a three piece, the project embarks into the expanses of the universe seeking human connection.

  • 01. Becomes Me3:26
  • 02. Honeycomb3:31
  • 03. Intention4:10
  • 04. Crystal Orchids (feat. Cortney Tidwell)2:56
  • 05. Swimming3:22
  • 06. Nothing4:04
  • 07. Undone3:40
  • 08. Two-Chambered4:14
Music by sugar sk*-*lls [Ben Marcantel, Tye Bellar and G. Seth West]
Lyrics by Ben Marcantel
Produced and mixed by Tye Bellar and G. Seth West
Mastered by Tye Bellar
Recorded, mixed and mastered at DaCodeine Fanning’s School of Programming, Nashville TN

Album design by G. Seth West

Ben Marcantel: Vocoder, Keys, Synthesizers, Drum Programming
Tye Bellar: Synthesizers, Cello, Keys, Drum Programming
G. Seth West: Synthesizers, Drum Programming, Guitar, Additional Vocals, Percussion

Additional vocals on “Intention” by Lindsay Johns Bennett
Vocals on “Crystal Orchids” by Cortney Tidwell
Additional vocals on “Swimming” by Cortney Tidwell

All songs ©2023 sugar sk*-*lls. Published by False Hand Music, MIDI and Sorcery Music, and Make Time From Sound [BMI].
All rights reserved.


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