Fetching Pails

Fetching Pails

Nov 1st, 2019

The debut album from Fetching Pails, aka Jill Townsend. Twelve tracks that compose a 'dreamily postmodern mixtape of alternapop nostalgia.'

  • 01 Shearer
  • 02 Lemon Phosphate
  • 03 Black
  • 04 Landscapes
  • 05 Blue Grotto, Le Beau
  • 06 Dreamvox
  • 07 That Youth is Wasted
  • 08 Minor Miracles
  • 09 Loneliness
  • 10 Invisible Lassos
  • 11 Tidy Fire
  • 12 Porcelain
Mixing: J. Clive at Classy About Reality
Mastering: Patrick Damphier
Album Artwork: Jill Townsend
Photo: Michael W. Bunch

All songs written, performed and recorded by Jill Townsend aka Fetching Pails in her bedroom in Nashville, TN except for the following: Drums performed by Kayleigh Cheer and recorded by Rachel Still on "Lemon Phosphate", "Landscapes", "Blue Grotto, Le Beau", "Dreamvox", "That Youth Is Wasted", "Minor Miracles", "Loneliness", "Invisible Lassos", "Porcelain" (London, ENG).
Drums performed by Angela Lese and recorded by Keio Stroud on "Shearer" and "Tidy Fire" (Nashville, TN)
Drums performed by Andrew Core and recorded by Mikie Martel on "Black" (Nashville, TN)

A special thanks to two Michaels: Eades (for making my music a part of his YK Records family) and Bunch (for endless support while making this record)


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