The City is a Lie We Tell Ourselves

March 5th, 2020

The third of three self-contained, conceptual, EPs from the infamous Chicago electronic ambient group. An `interrogation of the concept of place, specifically in these times.`

Exclusively on Bandcamp until March 15, 2021.

  • 01. Clear Concrete
  • 02. Blown Glass
  • 03. Charm of Impossibilities

“Throughout the pandemic I’ve been struck by the feeling that my adopted home of Chicago and the fact of my living here has become almost irrelevant to my daily existence. The things that make it a world class city have become off limits or even inaccessible in many cases. The significance of place has become a kind of myth, a fiction, and my sense of place has been localized to my apartment and the handful of shops I go to for necessities.

If The Forgotten Openness of the Closed World was an introspective meditation on the nature of time, then The City Is a Lie We Tell Ourselves is an interrogation of the concept of place, specifically in these times. What does it mean to call any particular pin on the map “home” at this moment, when we are connected more by wires and electricity than any common civic purpose? Every place has become a non-place, each apartment simultaneously part hotel room, part office, part cafe. The city bares its veins only on trips for essentials or walks through ice. ”
-- Ryan

Clear Concrete
Rollum Haas - drum programming
Michael Hilger - electric bass, Yamaha CS-50, Roland Juno 60, string loops, Mellotron, shaker
Ryan Norris - piano, Yamaha CS-50, Roland Juno 60, drum programming, acid bass
Clara Takarabe - viola

Blown Glass
Matt Glassmeyer - buzzaphone, cello
Michael Hilger - electric bass, drum programming, Yamaha CS-50, Mellotron
Ryan Norris - drum programming, cycling synthesizers, Yamaha CS-50, Mellotron, synth bass

The Charm of Impossibilties
Rollum Haas - drum and synth bass programming, vocal editing
Michael Hilger - Yamaha CS-50, Roland Juno 60, Fender Rhodes, voce synth, conga, bells
Ryan Norris - Korg MS-20, drum programming, voce synth, Yamaha CS-50, Roland Juno 60, Mellotron

Written by Ryan Norris (Sounding Brass Music (ASCAP) administered by Pacific Electric Music Publishing/Gilda Music) except “The Charm of Impossibilities” written by Rollum Haas and Ryan Norris


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