Andrew Brassell

The Domes

Oct 21st, 2016

Released under 'Slowmotions' moniker. The long-awaited followup to Quick Potions. Solo composer Andrew Brassell moved across the country to Los Angeles and crafted a laid-back pop record to reflect his new surroundings. Fortunately, he kept his signature guitar sounds and densely packed electronic flourishes throughout.

  • 01 woof
  • 02 Cryptography
  • 03 The Joy of Nothing
  • 04 ghost birds
  • 05 Palm Springs
  • 06 How Do You Say?
  • 07 drunk stars
  • 08 Tumbling
  • 09 I Heard the Morning Music
  • 10 Memory Drone
  • 11 Banker
  • 12 hefty bit
  • 13 Man on a Mission
  • 14 Don't Be So Heavy
  • 15 beach dream
  • 16 Bad Drugs
  • 17 Lemons & Gold
  • 18 cherry modal
  • 19 Diphenhydramine / Inside a Fish Tank
  • 20 boulder float
Use Headphones Liberally.

Slowmotions is Andrew Brassell

THANK YOU: *Miranda, Rocks n Chews, Michael Eades, L'Anita, Hanna Leah, Animal Lamps, Buddy Hughen, Gregory Stoandman, My Dead Fish, The Spacebend, Lucille Gooseman, Felfa, Kichimon, Club Med, Steeming Teev, H & K Scootbug, Heyladie, Kriscus, The Hoffs/Roach Club, Roderick Dapper, Gnat-Li, Coughy, Saleem Desai, Zelda, The Yah-hee-yahs & Spat, RE: 201, Curtsy, Bored/Dumb, Goldcat, Green Chair, All Bodies of Friend and Family*

Tracks 2,3,5,6,11,14,16 and 19 mixed by Buddy Hughen

Buddy Hughen played autoharp on Palm Springs
Miranda Hoffs sang space oohs on Tumbling

Art and Awesome and Everything by Michael Eades
Cover photo by Miranda Hoffs
Mastered by John Baldwin


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