The Robe

The Jason EP

September 3rd, 2021

The latest release from The Robe (aka Rollum Haas) is a collaboration of music and lyrics with J.B. Bennett. Longtime friends that just so happen to also work at the same record store. Their deep well of influences sets the stage for an immersive batch of songs that evoke the best of Echo and the Bunnymen, Pet Shop Boys, Erasure and their fine ilk.

  • 01. Summer Secret
  • 02. All Your Favorite Days
  • 03. Spider Augustus
  • 04. Sidewalk Scene
J.B. Bennett - Vocals
Rollum Haas - Guitar, Bass, Keys, Drums, Drum Machine, Saxophone, & Background Vocals

Recorded & Mixed by Rollum Haas at The Robe's Studio
Katie Haas gave good advice and Rodrigo Avendano mastered it

All songs by Bennett/Haas
All songs written by Bennett/Haas

Published by Haastility Music (BMI)


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