The Robe

The Robe

June 21st, 2019

Self-titled debut from Nashville multi-instrumentalist, Rollum Haas; a fascinating blend of pop and krautrock sensibilities.

  • 01 Bullies
  • 02 My Wave
  • 03 Face to Face
  • 04 Hazed
  • 05 Cascade
  • 06 In the Morning
  • 07 The Jetty
  • 08 Sabotage
  • 09 Hiccups
  • 10 Killer
Recorded at The Robe’s studio on an Akai MG614 4-track &
Logic Pro X.

Rollum Haas: Instruments & vocals

Mixed by Jeremy Ferguson
Mastered by John Baldwin

Special and sincere thanks to The Features (Matt, Roger, Mark, & sometimes Rory), Jason Bennett, Jeremy Ferguson, John Baldwin, Kyle Hamlett, Michael Eades, Ryan Norris, and Rodrigo Avendano

But really, thanks Katie.

All songs written by Rollum Haas
Published by Haastility Music (BMI)


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