Uncle Skeleton

Too Young, Too Old

Nov 12th, 2013

Uncle Skeleton's fourth album, Too Young, Too Old, is his most accurately realized and exceuted. The sunnier, poppier moments are brighter than ever, the bossa nova moments more melancholy and the ambient pieces manage to maintain their spacey place while still keeping a grip on you. The 41 minute runtime covers everything perfectly succintly.

  • 01 VHF
  • 02 Doodler's Dream
  • 03 Beverly Bee Bard
  • 04 6_6
  • 05 Dangerous Pets
  • 06 Ty, Ty
  • 07 Laconic Taconic
  • 08 Beachfuzz
  • 09 Cruelly Bouncy
  • 10 behindmind
  • 11 D's Travels
  • 11 Early Morning
Produced and composed by Uncle Skeleton
Strings arranged by Uncle Skeleton
Mixed by Derek Garten and Ross Wariner
Mastered by John Baldwin
Painting by Jason Severs
Packaging by Michael Eades and Jason Severs

Thanks to Sam Farkas, Brady Surface, Mikie Martel, Carl Gatti, Guy Lemon, Kiel Tyler, Sara Dudley, Eleonore Denig, Hannah Schroeder, Larissa Maestro, Katie Studley, Zack Casebolt, Austin Hoke, Lauren Conklin, Anthony Jorissen, Jeff Gibbs, Jim Hoke, Steve Wariner, Ashley Campbell, Lavaar, Nahnee Bori, and Albi.


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