Uncle Skeleton

Warm Under the Covers

May 29th, 2010

The second full-length album from Uncle Skeleton; comprised of songs that will augment your summer nights in the perfect fashion.

  • 01 Allright
  • 02 on the grow!
  • 03 Ode to Estes
  • 04 Casey Pierce
  • 05 Bab - O. Kenner
  • 06 Century City
  • 07 The big Parade
  • 08 50'
  • 09 i believe everything
  • 10 15 - 8
  • 11 Smaltilder
  • 12 Starstuff

Sounds best on vinyl.

Mixed by Ross Wariner
Mastered by John Baldwin
Artwork and Packaging by Michael Eades

Produced and Composed by Uncle Skeleton

Austin Jitterbug Hoke, Kiel Tyler, Cody Uhler, Keegan DeWitt, Leigh Nash, Ron Gannaway, Sam Farkas, Steve Wariner, Derek Garten, Mikie Martel, Carl Gatti, Kristin Wilkinson, David Angel, David Davidson, Anthony F. La Marchina, Paul Rippee, Katie Studley, Hannah Schroeder, Randy Gardner & Jason Severs.

And of course, none of this would be possible without Michael Eades.

I dedicate this record to my lifelong best friend, Cody Uhler. In the morning things ensue, rowdy rivers running through.


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