The Mute Group

"A E I O U" (Live from The Parlor)

Featuring a choir and saxes with Megan McCoy, Sara Rorie, Jill Townsend, Ryan Breegle, Jay Leo Phillips, Mike Shepherd, Bruce Ervin, and Christi Bissell.

The Medium

Fade Away / Sugar Shark

Two brand new singles; culled from the band archive and recording right for the first time.

Andrew Brassell

Izzy Gets The F*ck Across Town Original Score

Composed for the 2017 Christian Papierniak film starring Mackenzie Davis.

Fetching Pails


A beautiful cinemagraph filled video from the Fetching Pails debut, Telekinesis for Beginners.

Stone Jack Jones

"I'm Gone"

The fifth album from troubador Stone Jack Jones is now available. Psychedelic Country Noir.

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