Sleep Good

Bohemian Grove

May 25th, 2018

After a year-long tease with the release of 'Somewhere' in Summer 2017, the dreamy pop follow-up to Dream Dealer has arrived. Vinyl includes an exclusive bonus track.

  • 01 Bombay
  • 02 Ridin' High
  • 03 Call Center Blues
  • 04 High Tide
  • 05 Up on the Sun
  • 06 Running Low
  • 07 Old Time Feeling
  • 08 Somewhere
All songs written, recorded, and mixed by
Will Patterson

Mix Consultants: Graeme Gibson and John Michael Landon
Mastered by: Carl Saff at Saff Mastering

Track listing: Justin Davidson
Illustrations: Jose Cepeda
Layout: Michael Eades

Clavinet, Guitars, Pedal Steel, Moog Synthesizer, Drums, Bass, Magiphone Strings, Tape Echo, Percussion, Tanpura, Slide Synthesizer, ARP Solina.

Recorded on a 3m m79 NASA 8 channel tape recorder and an Otari mx5050 stereo tape deck at Cabana House.
Special thanks to my family, friends, and YK Records.

©2018 High Tide Post (BMI)


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