DM Stith

Waving 1-4

May 1st, 2020

Instrumental works by DM Stith recorded at home with strings by Paul Wiancko.

  • 01 Waving 1
  • 02 Waving 2
  • 03 Waving 3
  • 04 Waving 4
Instrumental works by DM Stith
Recorded at home, April 2020.
With strings by Paul Wiancko

A note from DM: I’m lucky that breathing is at the heart of what I do creatively. When I’m faced with uncertainty, I have this creative outlet as a singer to let the breathing be heard, to hold it, to trace my inner space for a while and make a mark with it. So, rather than dwell in this uncertainty alone, I invite you to join me in it. Put your galoshes on a splash around in it a bit.

Waving to you from over here,


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