DM Stith

"When You Lost Your Toys"

July 26th, 2019

The final of three summer singles; unearthed and reworked from the DM Stith archives.

  • 1 When You Lost Your Toys
"When You Lost Your Toys" is a character study in verse, investigating the bizarre relationship between the Narcoleptic and his friend, the Kleptomaniac. Sometimes friendship is learning to appreciate one another's best qualities; you spur one another on to greatness, to generate empathy, good will, fair weather, a culture of optimism and support, you fling off the shackles of shame, compromise and long-suffering, learning to trust your intuition, to trust in the better angels of our nature. And sometimes friendship is best left unobserved; you learn to live with what you've got, take the role available to you. Either way, the only way forward is to let go.
— DM Stith

Written, produced and performed by DM Stith
with additional help from
Shahzad Ismaily: Moog Bass, Mixin


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